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Diwali Festive Lantern Pack

Diwali Festive Lantern Pack

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Festival of lights calls for a colorful lantern. This is the perfect no-mess activity making it the star-seller last year. This is the perfect craft for your kid's classroom or party at home. It is guaranteed to get everyone excited about Diwali this festive season. Sold as a set of 6.

This is a simple craft project that is perfect for kids 5 years and older.

Please note that pieces for each lantern are not packaged individually as the craft is meant to be done with multiple kids (or adults!) together.

Overall Dimensions: 16" Tall (as measured from top of handle to bottom of tissue tassels.

1 Set Includes:

  • (6) Precut Paper and Tissue Paper
  • (1) Gems Sheets
  • (1) Glue Stick
  • (1) Washi Tape
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