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Rangoli Canvas Art Pack

Rangoli Canvas Art Pack

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Paint your own Rangoli Canvas this festive season. This is the perfect craft for your kid's classroom or party at home. It is guaranteed to get everyone excited about Diwali this festive season. Sold as a set of 6.

Rangoli pattern is pre-applied on the canvas. Color the canvas as individual section or overall with large brush strokes, let dry and remove vinyl pattern to reveal your festive Rangoli masterpiece. This a festive twist on resist art technique is guaranteed to get kids and adults excited alike.

Canvas Dimensions: 6" x 6"

*Foam brush might vary from picture shown.


  • (6) Canvas with removable vinyl Rangoli stencil
  • (6) Paint Brushes
  • (6) Foam Brushes
  • (6) Paint Mixing Pallets
  • Red, Blue, and Yellow Paints approx. 2oz each

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