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Rangoli Puzzle

Rangoli Puzzle

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This art and craft activity is a great way to introduce children to the traditional Indian art of Rangoli. Rangoli is a decorative art form that is drawn on the floor or at the entrance of homes to welcome guests and bring good luck and prosperity to the house and family. With this versatile and simple activity, children can create their own Rangolis this festive season, while gaining an understanding of our rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship through different art forms.

The Rangoli Puzzle activity is perfect for teaching children about their roots, while also providing them with a fun and engaging way to create their own art. Paint the pieces to assemble as a colorful puzzle or use the base with sand to create a more traditional rangoli in the puzzle tray or directly on the ground!

One of the ways to express your creativity during Diwali is to mix traditional with the new. This is guaranteed to be hours of fun. Perfect as a gift, party activity, classroom activity, and even party favors!

Dimensions: 8"


  • Rangoli Puzzle
  • Paint Set
  • Paint Brush

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